What a day. Stef and Matt wanted a more documentary style approach when it came to their wedding photography. To them, spending time with friends, family, and each other was their priority. It was heart warming to observe and document. This approach results in them being totally immersed in their day and not focused on […]

I LOVED being a part of this sky lantern release at Kristen & Siya’s Wedding!! Of course I didn’t light one and release it since I was the one photographing it, but I was THERE along with everyone. The energy in the air was amazing. I could FEEL that everyone felt so special and overjoyed […]

What is a wedding day really about? In my opinion, it should be a celebration of love. A fun filled day which you and your partner plan TOGETHER. Things, places, and people that feed BOTH of your souls should be involved. There NEEDS to be room in your “wedding schedule” to let life take over […]

Feeling a little sentimental today? Yup so am I. Looking back at this year, damn, I am so lucky. I get invited into people’s homes, their private and quiet moments, and their hearts. My heart gets full when I’m in a space filled with love, nostalgia and positive energy. I want to share this energy […]

Anouk Jewelry is based in Toronto and specializes in creating organic, nature inspired, custom engagement rings, wedding rings and jewelry. Anat is the owner and talented designer and takes pride in sourcing ethically and environmentally friendly diamonds. When I met with Anat a couple months ago, I was so excited to get to know her […]