♡ My purpose in life is to honor stories through photos so that couples have a return ticket to the way things used to be ♡ It’s crazy how much having purpose in life can improve your happiness. Two years ago I finally discovered WHY I do what I do. It has helped create so […]

I randomly had the thought of donating $10 to a charity of my choice. But then I paused and thought, there is more power in numbers, in community. So I decided to write this short blog post to hopefully inspire some others to do the same today. How cool of a chain reaction would it […]

I believe that the things you own end up owning you. We live in a society that is run by consumerism. We constantly want more stuff, just cuz we do. We were programmed that way. I used to be more out of control with my spending habits, but I’ve learned how to stay more (still […]

Life. It can get crazy. Hectic. Feels busy, but yet unproductive. Wondering where the day has gone, and why nothing was done. Recently I started to notice that I felt like I never had time to do the things I wanted AND the things that had to get done. It ended up being one or […]

This past September I took a trip to Newfoundland with my good friends Kristen + Siya of Hopscotch the Globe! I have to say, Newfoundland definitely surprised me! I definitely expected the charming colourful homes in St.John’s (since I’ve experienced them in Halifax before), but I did not expect how mountainous it could be! For […]