They met through Couchsurfing! Kamila + her friend were looking for a place to stay while in Lisbon, Portugal + they messaged Rui to see if they could stay with him. Rui was new to the Couchsurfing game. When she stayed with him, he took her + her friend all around Lisbon, so that they […]

These two got lost in each other right from the start of their snuggle session! The combination of feel good indie tunes + the way these two embraced + looked at each other made this experience so magical.What are your dreams for the two of you in your marriage? Alix – “I hope we have […]

Natalie + Tom are the epitome of a chill, down-to-earth couple. Their intimate Gladstone Hotel wedding reflected just that.  They had their closest family members join them during their ceremony in the Art Gallery upstairs while all their friends checked into the hotel. As soon as we were done with their photo sesh, they were […]

With Kat being the leader + vocalist of Lady Be Good + Sean having his own show on YouTube, The Sean Ward Show, I knew these two creative souls would put together a quirky wedding filled with a ton of laughter + ending with a great party! They did not disappoint as The Drake 150 had a […]

Lauren booked a snuggle session with me as a surprise for Mark at a rustic studio loft in Toronto which was totally up Mark’s alley. She was so excited about the session that she let the cat out of the bag a couple weeks prior letting him know about it (also so that he could […]