He said he would NEVER propose to her on her birthday, so naturally, Jess thought that a morning couple’s session with me + a sunrise hot air balloon ride was her birthday present. That was just the start!


As we were up in the air, Joe was nervously trying to pick the right time to propose. There was a moment when the lighting on them was perfect so I said out loud “OMG the lighting is so beautiful right now. Keep doing what you are doing guys!”. Jess turned her head to look out into the distance behind Joe to enjoy the view for a second, and that’s when I gave him a quick thumbs up! He went on to tell her how they have been together for a while now, and that he wanted to spend forever with Jess. With the look of shock on her face, she said something along the lines of “Are you fucking kidding me!?” – haha, and proceeded to plant a kiss on him. Joe asked “so is that a yes??”, and of course she said “YESS!”.

The rest of the hour long flight was full of pure happiness, laughter + some beautiful peaceful moments while being up in the air. The ride was so smooth + quiet! Well, up until we had to brace for landing which was a fun experience in itself! – LOL. Then of course, we had to pop some champagne to celebrate!

Congrats Jess + Joe! I’m SO happy for you two + grateful to have been the one to document such an EPIC morning for you two!!

hot-air-balloon-proposal-1 hot-air-balloon-proposal-2 hot-air-balloon-proposal-3 hot-air-balloon-proposal-4 hot-air-balloon-proposal-5 hot-air-balloon-proposal-6 hot-air-balloon-proposal-7 hot-air-balloon-proposal-8 hot-air-balloon-proposal-9 hot-air-balloon-proposal-10 hot-air-balloon-proposal-11 hot-air-balloon-proposal-12 hot-air-balloon-proposal-13 hot-air-balloon-proposal-14 hot-air-balloon-proposal-15 hot-air-balloon-proposal-16 hot-air-balloon-proposal-17hot-air-balloon-proposal-80 hot-air-balloon-proposal-19 hot-air-balloon-proposal-20 hot-air-balloon-proposal-21 hot-air-balloon-proposal-22 hot-air-balloon-proposal-23 hot-air-balloon-proposal-24 hot-air-balloon-proposal-25 hot-air-balloon-proposal-26 hot-air-balloon-proposal-27 hot-air-balloon-proposal-28 hot-air-balloon-proposal-29 hot-air-balloon-proposal-30 hot-air-balloon-proposal-31 hot-air-balloon-proposal-32 hot-air-balloon-proposal-33 hot-air-balloon-proposal-34 hot-air-balloon-proposal-35 hot-air-balloon-proposal-36 hot-air-balloon-proposal-37 hot-air-balloon-proposal-38 hot-air-balloon-proposal-39 hot-air-balloon-proposal-40 hot-air-balloon-proposal-41 hot-air-balloon-proposal-42 hot-air-balloon-proposal-43 hot-air-balloon-proposal-44 hot-air-balloon-proposal-45 hot-air-balloon-proposal-46 hot-air-balloon-proposal-47 hot-air-balloon-proposal-48 hot-air-balloon-proposal-49 hot-air-balloon-proposal-50 hot-air-balloon-proposal-51

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Recently my friend (who is also a photographer) decided to dive into the wedding photography world. She fell in love with photographing love + moments, and said to me “NOW I get it. I get why you do what you do”. Naturally, I became excited for the journey she had ahead of her. That meant I got to relive building a business all over again – living vicariously through her of course. I made it known to her that if she had any questions at all, I was there and happy to answer them!

Mentoring Sessions

So the questions came. I answered. Some more questions came. I answered some more. Before I knew it, I was getting extremely excited every time she fired them my way. I realized I got excited because I had so much to share. I could keep talking and talking and talking. I would go off on tangents + give her advice on topics totally unrelated to the questions she asked. And I kept talking and talking and, you get the picture. I digress. (I feel cool now that I was finally able to use “I digress” in a sentence. For the love of Buddha I finally know what that means!! Thank you Podcasts for slowly improving my vocabulary! I digress…again.)

I’m thrilled to announce that after some thought, I’ve decided to open up mentoring sessions to those  which already have their own portrait photography business who are looking to grow their business in the direction of their dreams. These mentoring sessions are aimed at photographers who aim to take a documentary style approach to their work.

A List of Mentoring Sessions to Choose From

~ My approach when shooting (my strategy behind documenting genuine expressions + moments)

~ How to attract your ideal client that you’ll actually connect with + have fun working with

~ Forming a Connection with your Clients (making them feel super comfortable with you + you comfortable with them)

~ How to plant, cultivate + harvest trust with your clients

~ Tips for Ultimate Referrals + Marketing Techniques

~ Workflow – How I am able to turnaround wedding photographs in under 3 weeks + stay organized during busy season while keeping a life balance. (I have 29 weddings this year)

~ How to shoot during golden hour (in person shooting + photo critique afterwards)

~ How I cull + edit my images efficiently

~ Website + Photo Critique (I suggest text edits + critique your images on your site, suggesting which ones you should keep + which ones to say farewell to)

~ How to price your work for profit

Each session is uniquely priced + can be held either in person or over Skype. They can also be combined if you want to learn more in one day! Reach out to me via email so we can chat through there! > sara@saramonikaphoto.com

I’m soo excited to get together with you and share my knowledge + experience that I’ve accumulated over time! I absolutely love helping others grow towards becoming the photographer they aspire to be <3

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Toronto Documentary Wedding + Portrait Photographer for Free-Spirited & Adventurous Couples – GTA, Algonquin, Muskoka, Toronto, Vancouver, Caledon, Alberta, Guelph, Cambridge, Worldwide, International, Destination, Queen St. West



When it comes to not taking things too seriously, Erin + Chris know how to do it up! This was a seriously fun session. From starting off at their favorite little dive pub, to stopping by their favorite bakery (which was closed and the girl gave them a free croissant since we knocked on the window), to making a pit stop at their local art supply store to goof around. The three of us couldn’t stop laughing + goofing off the whole time!

But this isn’t all of who they are. After being together for about 13 years now (3 of those years being long distance since Erin was the coolest ever and encouraged Chris to pursue his passion for film in New York) they have a beautiful deep emotional connection. I had the chance to document that back in their apartment at they drank some wine, Chris serenaded Erin with some Feist favorites, and of course we had to chase the last glimmer of sun there was that day right outside their place.

Toronto-Engagement-Photographer-2Toronto-Engagement-Photographer-3Toronto-Engagement-Photographer-4Toronto-Engagement-Photographer-6Toronto-Engagement-Photographer-7Toronto-Engagement-Photographer-8Toronto-Engagement-Photographer-9Toronto-Engagement-Photographer-11Toronto-Engagement-Photographer-12Toronto-Engagement-Photographer-13Toronto-Engagement-Photographer-15Toronto-Engagement-Photographer-16Can you tell he is freaked out by her double-jointed-ness?Toronto-Engagement-Photographer-17Toronto-Engagement-Photographer-19Toronto-Engagement-Photographer-20Toronto-Engagement-Photographer-21Toronto-Engagement-Photographer-22Toronto-Engagement-Photographer-23Toronto-Engagement-Photographer-24Toronto-Engagement-Photographer-25Toronto-Engagement-Photographer-26

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Toronto Documentary Wedding + Portrait Photographer for Free-Spirited & Adventurous Couples – GTA, Algonquin, Muskoka, Toronto, Vancouver, Caledon, Alberta, Guelph, Cambridge, Worldwide, International, Destination, Queen St. West



Not only did Alison + Iain steal my heart on their wedding day with how adorable they are together, but Artscape Gibraltar Point stole my heart as THE MOST AMAZING WEDDING VENUE EVER!

Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography020Seriously. It’s a quaint artistic building, right by the water with the prettiest beach I’ve ever seen on the Toronto Island (it may be where all the nudes go, although we didn’t stumble upon any). They had an outdoor ceremony surrounded by trees, followed by lawn games, and an outdoor reception under twinkly lights + stars. This was the PERFECT venue for them as Alison + Iain are a a very down-to-earth couple that thrive on being outdoors.

I love putting in the effort to get to know my couples before I photograph them. It breaks the ice + I also grow to better understand them as individuals and as a couple, which helps me document their love story more accurately. Below you can read the short version of their love story from Alison’s point of view 🙂

“When we first kissed (on our anniversary date), I think I knew that this was it. I remember the expression on his face, the way it felt, and realized how much we’d both been wanting this after years of friendship. I felt like I belonged and there was no way I was going to let it go. We feel quickly in love, and after 6 months we went backpacking around India for two months. He left the country before I did and the goodbye was heart breaking. After spending 2 months not leaving each others’ side, I couldn’t bear to be apart and booked an earlier flight home. I think the trip confirmed what I knew about our relationship.”

– Alison

Special thanks to all the Vendors!

Venue – Artscape Gibraltar Point

Wedding Co-Ordinator – Serra & Co

Flower Crown – Martin’s the Flower People

Hair – Hair Sprung

Caterer – Island Cafe

Officiant – Toronto Ceremonies

Wedding Dress – Reformation

Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography001Water taxing it over to the Toronto Island with Alison + Iain’s parents!Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography002Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography087Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography088Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography089Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography003Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography004Girls getting ready!Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography005Alison doing her own make-up! Love it!Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography006Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography007Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography008Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography009Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography013They were so excited for her + were overwhelmed with how beautiful she looked!Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography011Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography012Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography014Alison on her way to see Iain for the first time!
Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography015Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography016Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography017Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography018The way he looks at her <3Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography019I love that they were totally down for my artsy fartsy idea here 🙂Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography020Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography021Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography022Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography023Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography024Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography025Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography026Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography027Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography028Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography029Seriously!? Is this Ontario!?Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography030Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography031Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography043Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography044Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography010Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography032Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography033Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography034Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography035Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography036Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography037Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography038Staff prepping. I love getting these photos, because they are also a huge part of their day!Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography039Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography040Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography041The staff mesmerized by Alison <3Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography042Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography045Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography046Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography047Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography048Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography049Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography050Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography051Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography052Their closest friends <3 I love that they chose not to have a “bridal party”. Everyone got to wear what they wanted.Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography053Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography054Guests arriving at Artscape Gibraltar Point!Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography055Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography056Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography057Minutes before they walk down the aisle together to get married <3Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography058Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography059Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography060Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography061I thought it was so cool that they walked down the aisle together! This was a first for me!Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography062Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography063Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography064Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography065Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography066Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography067Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography069Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography068Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography070Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography071Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography072Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography073Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography074Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography075Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography076Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography077Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography078Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography079Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography080Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography081Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography082They were so excited to receive their marriage certificate!Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography083Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography084Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography085Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography086Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography090Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography091Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography092Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography093Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography094JENGA! Not gonna lie. I was pretty happy it fell over so that I got this shot 🙂Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography095Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography096Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography097Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography098Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography099Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography100Haha I love outtakes 🙂Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography101Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography102Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography103Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography104Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography105Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography106Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography107Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography108Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography109Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography110Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography111Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography112Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography113Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography114Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography115Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography116Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography117Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography118Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography119Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography120Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography121Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography122Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography123Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography124Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography125Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography126The guys singing a song to make them kiss!Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography127Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography128Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography129Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography130Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography131Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography132Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography133Artscape-Gibraltar-Point-Wedding-Photography134

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Toronto Documentary Wedding + Portrait Photographer for Free-Spirited & Adventurous Couples – GTA, Algonquin, Muskoka, Toronto, Vancouver, Caledon, Alberta, Guelph, Cambridge, Worldwide, International, Destination, Cherry Beach



Plenty of Fish does it again! They have matched yet another couple. Surprisingly, I get a lot of couples that tell me that they met online! I love that this option exists in this day and age. Why not speed up the process of finding your life partner!? The more time you get to have together in this life the better right!? Can you tell I love love? 🙂


This was my first time documenting love between two men, so naturally I was giddy with excitement when they wanted me to document this chapter of their love story! Adam + Greg went through a lot in the past 5 years. When they came out to their families for the first time while they were together, Adam’s parents were supportive but Greg’s weren’t. I couldn’t imagine what that must have felt like, but it’s beautiful to see that despite this situation, they choose what makes them happy. Each other.

Their proposal story was pretty hilarious + so adorable at the same time. Greg’s hair almost stopped it from happening. You can read their story from Greg’s point of view below:

“We were walking on a seawall back in Vancouver – something that we tried to do regularly on Sundays. It was a beautiful sunny day and we started off by getting Pumpkin Spice lattes. Everything would have been perfect except I didn’t put enough hair spray in my hair and the wind totally ruined it (I’m very self conscious about my hair…). I wanted to turn around and walk back home because of that but Adam convinced me to go further. We got to a beach part of the seawall and sat down on a log. We looked at the ocean and the ships (I loooove the huge ships you can see in Vancouver). After about 15 mins I was ready to go back home as I was still feeling conscious about my hair. I stood up from the log and started walking off when Adam said ‘Greg, look what I found in the sand! Do you want to marry me?’ Apparently I made a stupid face (crying but not crying) and said yes!!!! We started hugging and kissing and I yelled at a couple sitting behind us that I just got engaged. It was a very very happy day for both of us. We went to see some of our friends to announce our engagement and later on drove to see my aunt and her family to tell them about it. Likely best Sunday of my life.”

Cherry-Beach-Same-Sex-Engagement02 Cherry-Beach-Same-Sex-Engagement04 Cherry-Beach-Same-Sex-Engagement06 Cherry-Beach-Same-Sex-Engagement14 Cherry-Beach-Same-Sex-Engagement25 Cherry-Beach-Same-Sex-Engagement27 Cherry-Beach-Same-Sex-Engagement29 Cherry-Beach-Same-Sex-Engagement33 Cherry-Beach-Same-Sex-Engagement41 Cherry-Beach-Same-Sex-Engagement44 Cherry-Beach-Same-Sex-Engagement47 Cherry-Beach-Same-Sex-Engagement56 Cherry-Beach-Same-Sex-Engagement59 Cherry-Beach-Same-Sex-Engagement61 Cherry-Beach-Same-Sex-Engagement63 Cherry-Beach-Same-Sex-Engagement69 Cherry-Beach-Same-Sex-Engagement72 Cherry-Beach-Same-Sex-Engagement81 Cherry-Beach-Same-Sex-Engagement83

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Toronto Documentary Wedding + Portrait Photographer for Free-Spirited & Adventurous Couples – GTA, Algonquin, Muskoka, Toronto, Vancouver, Caledon, Alberta, Guelph, Cambridge, Worldwide, International, Destination, Cherry Beach