Sentimental Session in Roncesvalles Toronto | Sarah + Mike

I love that Sarah and Mike wanted a sentimental session in Roncesvalles Toronto with me. I got to photograph them in places where they spend most of their time together so that down the line, they have photographs that represent that chapter in their lives.

We started off at their place. That was full of cuddles and goofing off (because that’s so them). Then we went for a walk over to High Park where they go for regular strolls. They ended up visiting the animals at the zoo, frolicking in the grass, and sipping together on water from a water fountain due to being so thirsty from all the frolicking – haha!


couple-laughing-on-bed couple-holding-animal-pillows couple-jumping-up-and-down couple-walking-through-garden couple-laying-in-the-grass


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