Best Documentary Wedding Moments of 2017 by Sara Monika

Life is fleeting + so are the moments we want to hold onto forever. In short, the following photographs encompass WHY I do what I do <3

Watch this 3 minute highlight slideshow for an emotionally impactful experience <3


In 2017…

Photos Delivered – 27,284

Couples Photographed – 62

Km Driven – 16,021

Km Traveled by Air – 31,807


The Funny Ones

He decided he wanted to take a pee off the back of the wagon with no hands – haha! When you gotta go, you gotta go πŸ™‚Dirty dance move..they didn’t quite get it LOL The BEST photo bomber ever! <3 Oh hey! It’s grandma πŸ™‚Taking a break to you eat..cuz you know..munchies πŸ™‚Clearly he’s feeling a little awkward LOLNo words… πŸ™‚It rained so hard during their ceremony + this was the only way to dry off “quickly”. There were SO many black flies. They were cuddled in, but then they couldn’t take it anymore so he thought he were help her out LOLKristen being one with the tumbleweed haha!Nat scaring her friend with popping the bottle in her direction LOLA matador + a bull LOLEven though she’s CLEARLY married, hecklers still think they have a chance LOL Pretending to be a grandma – lolAll the kids are so curious when it comes to kissing… I miss being a kid. It meant getting away with doing shit like this ^Again curiosity…”Are they real?” She asked.. The plant was CLEARLY in his way.


They waited until AFTER their ceremony to read their vows quietly together <3 Even before all the make-up + hair, the waterworks had already begun!Reading a note from her husband to be + her mum tearing up <3First look with her dad <3 She read the note from her husband to be out loud, then both her and her mum teared up <3The bride + groom’s mom’s holding each otherΒ  + crying!An emotional reaction to their friend singing to them during their ceremony.Seeing her dad for the first time that day <3There was a moment when everyone was surrounding her grandma + tearing up. I found out that she was sick, so I just HAD to document the incredible love they had for her <3
It’s was raining SO damn hard, but it was her dream to get married outside at the cottage where she grew up. So they embraced it <3 His grandma was SO emotional while dancing with him <3 Poor Logan! It was so hard to get through his vows without crying + here is Kayla reaching out to reassure him that it’s ok! <3Heartfelt speeches <3

The Moments in Between

Sticks ALWAYS getting caught in dresses! Singing their song that the band surprised them with at the to of their lungs!Most romantic first dance <3 Running off together right after their ceremony! SO happy to be married! πŸ™‚Embracing the rain! <3 This is Ben just being..Ben.. πŸ™‚ Getting some much needed air together πŸ™‚ Paula getting ready with her pups πŸ™‚Enjoying the sunset on their wedding night πŸ™‚Just the two of them, saying I do, in a quaint chapel in Iceland <3Walking on moss fields in the fog!! Drinking right on the streets of Toronto! They might as well take advantage on their wedding day!Dancing right out of their ceremony! They LOVE dogs, so we got all the owners near us to have their dogs run around them!and then stopped by and crashed a game of b-ball!The girls watching the first look unfold!Everyone blocking the bride from being seen as she makes her escape before the ceremony lolThe white squirrel of Trinity Bellwoods made an appearance!Making the youngest groomsmen feel part of the crew!I did not even know their first kiss was coming because it wasn’t announced. He planted one right on her and I got the shot in the last second!


The streets they walk along whenever they take a stroll to High Park.Emotional first look with her dad <3
Dancing with his mum <3 Walking his daughter down to the ceremony <3Reading notes to one another <3Reading the note her husband to be surprised her with!
First look with grandma!Best of friends πŸ™‚ She was SO happy to be dancing with her son <3Sharing a moment with her brother <3
Their dog came to visit them!!Mom + daughter walking hand in hand <3 Right after they saw each other for the first time <3

SO Happy

His mom was all emotional from the gift he got her! Cheers right after the ceremony!Doing what they LOVE to do together so often. DANCE!
Mesmerized by the lanterns in Morocco! Pregnant with twins + they just found out they are going to have a boy + a girl! Morning after their wedding <3 SO happy to be on her way to the ceremony! Screaming at the top of their lungs from excitement πŸ™‚ Mike’s reaction to his gift from Sarah!…and of course he had to show off his new watch to his guys!
Seeing their reception space for the first time by the amazing Love by LynzieGreeting their friends on their wedding day <3


SO Much Love

All they wanted to do was run out and make out in the rain!Mother son dance <3A friend hugging the bride just because <3This is where they ran to right after the ceremony + Chris grabbed Amy and planted one on her when they were finally alone…or so they
A grandma + her grand-daughter <3Her mom enthralled with her daughter <3
I love how sweet they were with one another during their first look <3 She’s looking at her hubby to be, and her dad is looking at her <3 He picked her up + spun her around right after they saw each other for the first time that day <3
First look with her girls!Reactions to Katie + Chris’s first dance! <3Just…THIS <3 A couple + their dog <3 <3 <3 I love the way he looked at her when she was giving her speech πŸ™‚

Kids Being Kids

Trying to push her into the bush! lol So mischievousTickle time!Trying to catch raindrops <3Candid moment of a little family unit <3 She really wanted that food, but knew she couldn’t have it..

Party Time

They had a little chugging contest, as per old times! Two best friends just jammin’ it out! Things got..pretty damn crazy, and it was AWESOME! So free-spirited! LOVE it! Spiderman made an appearance! πŸ™‚Singing his big heart out!Leading the way to the party area! And this is how they partied… πŸ™‚ Yup. They had a couple on stilts pouring alcohol down people’s throats. Freakin genius!



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