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I have recently discovered how much I love creating content for entrepreneurs which they can use to further market their business. Being a business owner myself, I know how important strong imagery can be in attracting your ideal client + making your website + social media platforms look polished! So..I’ve decided to put it out into the universe that I would like more sessions like these to come my way! Sessions where entrepreneurs let me into their life for about 2 hours and I create lifestyle like portraits of them in their own element, and of course details here and there which they can use for their Instagram or website!

Below you will find Brittany! I had the pleasure of hanging out with her and her pup Leo chatting away about life + business while having a blast taking pictures. Brittany is a holistic coach + essential oils specialist! She works mostly from home so we decided to do the shoot in her element. She taught me so much about the benefits of essential oils, and I must say. I’M HOOKED! I’ve listed some tips below that have recently been DA BOMB DIGGITY for me!

Essential Oil Tips

Lavender – Put two drops onto a cotton ball + place cotton ball into your pillow case. Makes for a more restful night sleep!

Balance – Place a couple drops of this oil on your wrist, rub wrists together, and voila! You have a natural perfume that you can smell at any time to help ground you.

Lemon + Peppermint – a drop of each in some water and you have a healthy refreshing mouth rinse!

Frankincense – a drop of this with a teeny bit of coconut oil and you have yourself an anti aging face moisturizer 🙂

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