Top 5 Things to do in Newfoundland

This past September I took a trip to Newfoundland with my good friends Kristen + Siya of Hopscotch the Globe! I have to say, Newfoundland definitely surprised me! I definitely expected the charming colourful homes in St.John’s (since I’ve experienced them in Halifax before), but I did not expect how mountainous it could be! For some reason I thought it would be more flat inland. Just as expected, the people (the Newfoundlanders) were sooo down to earth and friendly. Definitely my type of crowd! Wanna know what you can do when/if you travel to Newfoundland? Read below for the Top 5 Things to do in Newfoundland (in my opinion). Plus when you scroll down you can see all the travel pics!

P.S. When you are done looking through the photos, scroll back up and view this AMAZING video Kristen + Siya put together of our trip! Newfoundland Roadtrip Video + a Behind the Scenes Video

1. Twine Loft Restaurant & Inn in Trinity

  • the quaint town of Trinity has a population of 39. YUP! 39!! lol It was sooo adorable! They even had their own little theater, chocolate shop.
  • stayed in a house overlooking the Bay. I felt like I was living in a storybook. In the photo above is the back porch of this home we stayed in!
  • the mother + daughter innkeepers were one of the most generous and kindhearted people I have met (Tineke+ Marieke)
  • the restaurant served dishes made with the freshest ingredients (cod from the ocean caught that day and blueberries picked from the hilltop around the corner)



2. Picking berries off the side of the road!

  • Newfoundland is filled with random berry bushes everywhere that anyone could pick from (they arn’t anyone’s property)!
  • I felt like such a forager eating straight from the land. What a great way to connect with mother nature while snacking on something healthy!
  • We mainly picked blueberries and partridge berries and OMG they tasted so fresh. We even got to make a pie with them + eat it at Twine Loft Restaurant in Trinity.


3. Hike the Skerwink Trail

  • A 5km hike along the coast of Trinity Harbour.
  • Along the way there were beautiful changes of landscapes. We went past ponds, forests with moss hanging off the trees, reached cliff edges, ate some berries on the way, and even came upon a beach that was part of Trinity Harbour! I could easily say, it was one my my favorite hikes I’ve ever done!
  • You can get more info about the Skerwink Trail HERE



4. Visit the Fjords – Bon Tours

  • We took a boat tour to see the beautiful Fjords. Again, I was shocked. I did not expect this of Newfoundland! The picture can speak for itself 🙂
  • When we parked to get to the tour, we actually had to hike about 30-45 minutes to get there through a beautiful landscape. What a great way to start off a day!


5. Rugged Beauty Boat Tour

  • The amazing story teller Captain Bruce Miller took us out for a 2 hour boat ride visiting the resettled communities of Kerley’s Harbour, Ireland’s Eye & British Harbour.
  • His stories were so impactful because they were of his family history and how his parents and grandparents were forced to move away from the place they new as home.
  • During the tour, he would get close to a new area along the coast, tell us a story about the area, and show us old photos of how people used to live there. How it was bursting with homes and life. Then when we looked up, it was just barren land. Everything gone.
  • I really loved this tour since I’m a sentimental girl at heart and it was thought provoking which I really enjoy.
  • It made me think about how beautiful the simple life was for those people, and I wondered, were they happy after they were forced to move to the city or did they miss their homeland? Hmm, can something be learned from this? Take the time to live a simpler life maybe? (These were just thoughts that were running through my mind).Rugged-Beauty-Boat-Tours-1Rugged-Beauty-Boat-Tours-2

BONUS – 6. Roadtrip around 

  • Don’t forget to take the time to stop and appreciate the ever-changing unique landscapes
  • We must have said “WOW” a bagillion times lol
  • The photo below is just from pulling over on the Trans Canada Hwy


Now enjoy some more photos from our antics on the trip below!


The colourful houses in St.John’s Newfoundland <3



The most eastern point in North America! Cape Spear!Cape-Spear-Newfoundland-1Newfoundland-022

Kristen + Siya, which are a husband + wife travel vlogger team doing their thang! Follow them HERE. One of the most free-spirited, energetic couples I know! They are so inspiring and I’m so thankful I have them in my life <3


About to go on the Rugged Beauty Boat TourRugged-Boat-Tours-2Rugged-Boat-Tours-03Rugged-Boat-Tours-04Newfoundland-099Newfoundland-100Newfoundland-101Newfoundland-103Skerwink-Trail-01Skerwink-Trail-NewfoundlandSkerwink-Trail-06Skerwink-Trail-04Newfoundland-210Newfoundland-RoadtripNewfoundland-201

D ‘awwww <3Newfoundland-205

Gotta have some Screech when in Newfoundland. Oh, and we got screeched in! =)Newfoundland-214Newfoundland-247

Off to see the Fjords! (This was the hike to the Bon Tour)Newfoundland-254Newfoundland-255Newfoundland-250Fjords-Newfoundland-224Fjords-Newfoundland-225Newfoundland-279Newfoundland-271


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