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I met Seanna + Tim when they were part of the bridal party at Kristen + Siya’s wedding last year. Just about 3 weeks later when they were backpacking around in Guatemala and Costa Rica, they decided to splurge on a fancy hotel (instead of the hostels they had been staying at). They got an amazing room that was upgraded with 2 Jacuzzi’s and many other perks. They had a romantic day hanging out in the hot spring pools the hotel had and a really romantic private dinner. Then when they went back to the room, Tim proposed while taking advantage of their sweet Jacuzzi!

When they contacted me and said they were engaged and wanted ME to come out to Edmonton, Alberta to photograph their wedding, I was elated! Not only has it been a dream of mine to travel to Alberta, see the Rockies and ESPECIALLY Jasper, but I would be documenting THEIR day! When I met them they stole my hearts with how free-spirited and adorable they are together. I knew they would focus on making their day as unique and special as they are. They booked Partridge Hill Community Hall for the weekend where they, along with their friends and family could park their trailers, camp, and just enjoy each other’s company the whole weekend! They camped, had campfires, great music, a romantic outdoor ceremony, yummy food, dancing, lots of laughs, and each other. All perfect ingredients for the most amazing wedding weekend!

Huge thank you to the vendors that helped create their dream wedding into a reality!

Hair – Fuss of art Hair in Edmonton

Catering – The Lunch Pail Catering Company in Edmonton

Wedding Dress – Novelle Bridal Shop in Edmonton

Men’s Pants + Shirts – Simon’s

Video – Hopscotch the Globe >> WATCH HERE


I love capturing the day exactly as it unfolds. Documentary style. How many times have these guys had a morning breakfast like this!? I’m sure they will cherish these realistic, candid photos down the line!

Tim’s first time wearing suspenders!

Seanna + Tim have an apple tree growing in their front yard! Free healthy food! How awesome is that!? 🙂

I’m not quite sure how we will be taking selfies in the future, but I’m sure we’ll have the option of a hovering camera in front of our faces. I think this is a cool way for them to show their kids how we used to do it! Ha!

What a cutie pie! One of the sweetest little girl’s I have ever met! Seanna’s niece <3 Edmonton-Wedding-Photographer-044Edmonton-Wedding-Photographer-714Edmonton-Wedding-Photographer-062Edmonton-Wedding-Photographer-064Edmonton-Wedding-Photographer-518

Rachael, Seanna’s niece, got to be a little fairy princess on her wedding day! She was so excited and checking herself out in the mirror 🙂

Seanna’s bridesmaids <3 Edmonton-Wedding-Photographer-071

It was time for Seanna’s mom to help her with her gorgeous wedding dress from Novelle Bridal Shop . With her dress + her headpiece from Etsy, she looked like a Elf Princess from Lord of the Rings! SOO magical! <3 Edmonton-Wedding-Photographer-075Edmonton-Wedding-Photographer-522

One of her bridesmaids Kristen from Hopscotch the Globe created a beautiful video for Seanna + Tim! You can watch it HERE.

Seanna’s first look with her bridesmaids <3 Edmonton-Wedding-Photographer-079Edmonton-Wedding-Photographer-082

Even though it was cloudy like this all day, Seanna + Tim were not stressed whatsoever! They were getting married outside! I really think their positive outlook on life kept the rain up in the sky because it did not rain all day!!

I LOVED this part of the ceremony! This is some great wedding inspiration right here. They wrote letters to each other, sealed them in an envelope, put them in the box along with a bottle of wine. If at any point in their relationship they are going through a particularly rough time and need a reminder of why they got married in the first place, they can open the box and read the letters to each other. If not, they are to open the box on their 10 year wedding anniversary <3 I am SO doing this in the future!Edmonton-Wedding-Photographer-122Edmonton-Wedding-Photographer-113Edmonton-Wedding-Photographer-125Edmonton-Wedding-Photographer-515

Their outdoor wedding ceremony out in the country was so beautiful!

I’ve always dreamed of shooting wedding photos of the bride and groom in a wheat field and it happened! =)


She changed up her hair with where the headpiece was on her head! WOW!!! <3 Edmonton-Wedding-Photographer-222Edmonton-Wedding-Photographer-224Edmonton-Wedding-Photographer-225Edmonton-Wedding-Photographer-227Edmonton-Wedding-Photographer-230Edmonton-Wedding-Photographer-234Edmonton-Wedding-Photographer-233

How cute is their little Adventurer trailer!? It made me want one!

One of the groomsmen coulnd’t attend the wedding because his 1st baby was born the night before!! They face timed them in front of everyone during the reception and saw their little baby boy Fin for the first time <3 Edmonton-Wedding-Photographer-328Edmonton-Wedding-Photographer-325Edmonton-Wedding-Photographer-369Edmonton-Wedding-Photographer-767



A sign of an epic night <3 Edmonton-Wedding-Photographer-374Edmonton-Wedding-Photographer-409

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  1. Kercia Mueller

    November 25th, 2015 at 8:47 pm

    such a fun wedding! i love your photos!

  2. Corey Potter

    November 25th, 2015 at 9:33 pm

    Love your storytelling and style, awesome wedding and great work!

  3. Urška Majer

    November 26th, 2015 at 10:23 am

    Beautiful wedding!